As we move into the final few weeks of 2009, there is much to occupy people’s minds — namely Christmas.

But along with the perennial pursuit of great gifts comes the annual boon of box-office hits and this year’s choices will be no different.

Whether you get your kicks from brooding vampires, a foxy George Clooney or musicals based from avant-garde films — the forthcoming holiday movie season has something for everyone to enjoy. Here is a glimpse at what is upcoming:

Twilight: New Moon
(Nov. 20)

The holiday season kicks off with the hotly-anticipated second installment of the Twilight saga featuring vampire Edward and his girlfriend now caught in a love triangle with a teenaged werewolf.


Fantastic Mr. Fox
(Nov. 25)

Wes Anderson (Rushmore) tries his hand at animation with help from George Clooney as an adventure-seeking fox in this quirky adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book.

The Road
(Nov. 27)

In this critically-acclaimed reworking of the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, Viggo Mortensen tries to protect his son in a post-apocalyptic world where food may be scarce but this year’s Oscar nominations will be plentiful.

Up in the Air
(Dec. 4)

George Clooney makes another appearance (and may just nab a second Oscar) in this clever comedy about a downsizing expert whose own flighty lifestyle gets grounded.

The Lovely Bones
(Dec. 11)

Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) adapts this hit novel about a murdered young girl who watches her family from heaven. I’m fairly certain Gollum doesn’t make an appearance.

(Dec. 18)

It’s been a decade since James Cameron’s Titanic. Now the Oscar-winning filmmaker gets back to his sci-fi roots with this cutting edge thriller that’s cost over $200 million to produce. Let’s hope it doesn’t sink like…well, you know.

Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Sequel
(Dec 25)

The animated pop-singing rodents are back to save a struggling high school music program. To clear any uncertainty, this is not a documentary.

Sherlock Holmes
(Dec. 25)

Robert Downey Jr. gives the legendary character a facelift in this Guy Ritchie-film. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud.

(Dec. 25)

Rob Marshall (Chicago) directs this musical version of Fellini’s classic film 8 ½. With an ensemble cast that includes Daniel Day Lewis and Nicole Kidman, Nine will surely make Millions at the box office this Christmas.

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