Vancouver Fashion Week will have a global theme this season to reflect the local fashion industry’s growing popularity around the world, according to the show’s producer.

“From the beginning, our plan was global, international,” said Jamal Abdourahman, who started VFW in 2000. “We’ve made a lot of progress in the last four seasons. We’re way more known internationally now than we are here.”

Abdourahman says several aspects of the show will reflect the global theme, including the models, clothing and designers. Designers will come from Italy, Germany and Norway, for example, as well as from across Canada. There will also be a “Night in Taipei” themed evening and one show that will feature all South Asian models.

“We’re not doing that just because Bollywood is cool,” said Jamal, adding that it will be a first for VFW. “We’re doing that because the Indian community doesn’t get that many opportunities.”

One label to look out for is Orange NYC by Taiwan-born, Vancouver-raised designer Angela Chen, who will be debuting a black-and-white themed spring/summer 2010 line.

“People can expect to see where I came from and my aesthetic as a designer,” she said.

Another is Vancouver-based label Kersh, whose theme this year will be Shanghai Cowgirl.

“We believe that the fusion of east meets west is a global trend, and a very big trend in fashion,” said sales and marketing assistant Ryan Pugsley. “The Shanghai Cowgirl is a blend of east, rock and roll, nautical and cowboy/western styling.”

Next Friday will also feature a showcase of eco-friendly designers, both local and international.

Event details

• Vancouver Fashion Week Week takes place from Nov. 3 to 8. For more information visit