A Vancouver man who pleaded guilty to bribing his driver’s licence examiner got a rough ride from a B.C. judge who ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine.

Kim Hen Huynh failed his eighth road test in August 2007 at the ICBC Driver Services Centre in Burnaby, B.C.’s insurance corporation announced on Tuesday. After leaving the car and returning to the centre, Huynh placed four $100 bills on the examiner’s open folder and said, “Happy Birthday! Can you help me?”

The examiner immediately reported the bribe attempt to his supervisor, according to evidence provided by Crown counsel.


When Huynh pleaded guilty to bribery and fraud, the judge rejected his request for a conditional sentence, ruling it “was not sufficient to deter others from conduct contrary to Canadian values,” and ordered Huynh to pay the $1,000 fine.

Steven Tripp, ICBC’s manager for fraud prevention, said the decision was a clear signal that attempts to bribe examiners “will not be tolerated.”

“We’re focused on putting safe drivers with secure licences on B.C.’s roads,” Tripp said.

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