Vancouverites put a giant green foot forward Sunday to create an eco-conscious public art exhibit visible from space.


About 100 people dressed in green stood under matching umbrellas, forming a large footprint at David Lam Park.


Vancouver was among 20 international cities collectively forming the public art installation for a global push on climate change.


"It's an issue that's not going to go away," event organizer Jaspal Marwah said. "It's going to require a consorted and sustained effort on everybody's behalf."


Footing a new green bill, the United Nations meets Monday in Mexico to create an international climate treaty. The green-foot displays will continue worldwide until Nov. 28.

"Sadly, it's a non-partisan issue but it's treated as a partisan issue," Marwah said. "Caring about climate change and giving some attention to it, that attention will bridge that partisan divide."

Global climate crisis campaign group, 350, heads the international display, entitled eARTh, as the first ever global climate art project. Local education-on-public-space advocacy group, Vancouver Public Space Network, added Vancouver to the list of green-foot cities – the only Canadian participant.

"They had nobody else from Canada, but it might be because getting people out in Canada in November is tough," Marwah said. The exhibits are being shot from a space satellite. Images can be viewed at