A Vancouver high-school student appeared in court yesterday on firearms charges after he allegedly posted a 117-name “hit list” on Facebook that included teachers and his fellow students.

The 18-year-old, who would have graduated this year, was arrested at his house Friday evening after six students from Templeton Secondary contacted Vancouver police.

Officers seized a shotgun and ammunition, a sword, a machete, shells, a knife and two collapsible batons from the house.

“This is the most serious incident of its type that the Vancouver Police Department has ever dealt with,” said Insp. Scott Thompson, of the youth services section.

“Concerned students came forward and did the right thing. They called police and we were able to prevent a potential incident from taking place.”

The list, he said, contained 117 names, of which 71 belonged to staff and students at Templeton. Officers are trying to identify the remaining 46 people.

Yesterday afternoon, uniformed and plainclothes officers remained on scene at Templeton. Staff and students were told of the situation Monday morning and a letter was sent home to parents.

One student, who didn’t want to be identified publicly, told reporters outside the school that he was No. 78 on the man’s “hit list.”

“I was surprised when my buddy told me that some kid had been arrested for having guns and a list, and when I was told I was on the list that took it to another level.”

The “hit list” was posted on the man’s Facebook page and had been online “for quite some time” before the six students, several of whom were on the hit list, contacted police on Friday, Thompson said.

Police are not naming the Grade 12 student because he may not be tried as an adult on the seven charges, which include possession of a restricted firearm.