TORONTO - Vancouver is tops in Canada and second overall on a newly released green index of North American cities.


San Francisco ranks first overall in the U.S. and Canada Green City Index, while New York City is third.


The index measures and rates the environmental performance of 27 cities on both sides of the border.


Among the remaining Canadian cities, Toronto placed ninth, Ottawa was 12th, Calgary 14th and Montreal 19th.


landed in the top 10 in each of the nine individual categories within
the index, ranking first among all cities with the lowest carbon
dioxide emissions and best air quality.

Calgary topped the list
in the water category, with individual water consumption below the
average, and it was also credited for its high percentage of metered
customers and strong wastewater management.

The U.S. and Canada
Green City Index is sponsored by Siemens, and the research is conducted
by the Economist Intelligence Unit, an in-house research unit of the
British magazine The Economist.