VANCOUVER — With her wings already clipped, Chuva the macaw had to find a different form of transportation to get past the walls of the Greater Vancouver Zoo and embark on an adventure.


It appears she may have chose an RV.


RCMP were called Thursday night to a mall in Coquitlam, B.C. — a suburb east of Vancouver — after a family spotted the six-year-old bird alive and relatively well under their recreational vehicle, sitting near the engine.


“They were very surprised and I can’t say enough on how grateful we are to them for calling us and alerting us to where she was,” said zoo spokeswoman Jody Henderson.


Chuva disappeared from the zoo’s parrot gardens Monday afternoon.

Because her wings had been clipped, zoo officials were certain the blue and gold bird hadn’t just flown off.

RCMP were called in to investigate.

Last May, someone broke into a cage at the zoo and stole a spider monkey named Mia while killing her partner Jocko.

Henderson said security at the zoo was beefed up after that incident, though officials don’t yet know how Chuva left the facility or ended up anywhere near the RV.

“We had good security before and we probably increased it three times over since the monkey incident last year with surveillance and security cameras and numerous other upgrades that I can’t speak to publicly,” she said. “There’s been a lot of enhancements to our security.”

Henderson says Chuva was extremely thirsty and hungry once she was retrieved but the bird, who staff describe as “very affectionate,” is in surprisingly good shape.

“She’s not as vocal as she normally is so she’s probably still traumatized but overall in extremely good health,” Henderson said.

“She’s had some rest and she had a big welcome home party with her parents. They were quite vocal when she came in.”