Venice is one of those rare destinations that really lives up to its billing. Yes, it’s expensive and a bit touristy, but bite the bullet and enjoy all it has to offer


The Canals


Let’s be honest, it’s what you’re here for. And while they can honk a bit in high summer, they don’t let you down. You'll wonder how the Venetians ever pulled it off, but you’ll go away genuinely marvelling.


The Gondoliers

A little bit cheesy these days, but what the heck, you haven’t come to Venice to be cool. Also be prepared to get fleeced – it will cost you upwards of €80 ($108) so get over yourself and enjoy the experience.

Ice Cream

The Italians take their ice cream a bit seriously, but that doesn’t mean it is universally good. So shop around. Our tip would be Gelateria Nico on the Waterfront. Oh, and try ice cream for breakfast -- you’ll never look back.


At Harry’s Bar, where else? It’s expensive, it can sometimes be a bit soulless, too, but it has the Hemmingway seal of approval and that’s good enough for us. Luckily, just around the corner there are many other local bars where you can drown your sorrows after getting the bill.

Dolce & Gabbana

Or Armani in a pinch. The Venetians are a fiercely fashionable bunch so make sure you know what you’re doing. Failing that, the standard-issue tourist kit of jeans, band T-shirt and some kind of headwear – it can get fiercely hot.

A Canal Tour

There are many walking/canal tours and though they feel touristy, they are a great way of packing the city into one day and combining Rialto Bridge with the Doges Palace and St. Marks Square.

Think You'll Do It On The Cheap

Venice is expensive – period. Coffee is €5 and up, gondolas can leave you €150 ($203) out of pocket, and a decent meal will cost €80 ($108). If you want cheap, look elsewhere.