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Vessela Stroumsky before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.


What’s your first impression of Vessela Stroumsky?


With her credit card earrings, piles of jewelry, electronic message belt, and neon colours, our jury thought she looked like, “a circus entertainer who fell in the candy floss” or “Cyndi Lauper’s grandmother.”

Vessela is a 51-year-old mother of three who has trouble loving herself. She has a warm, outgoing personality and loves attention, but her overdone wardrobe makes her look like an older person desperate to stay young.

Our psychotherapist, Lori Dennis (www.talktherapy.ca) saw her as a woman who knew the truth but couldn’t seem to make the change. Vessela told her, “my happy face is a mask. I feel empty, like a loser … I don’t want to get older.”

Getting older doesn’t mean having to look old so we started her make-over journey with our cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Kucy Pon. She gave Vessela botox injections around the eyes and mouth to soften her smile and lipstick lines, and Restylane around the nasolabial folds to remove the marionette lines.

Then we hooked her up with our wardrobe expert, David Clemmer. He took one look at her closet and declared, “She has more miniskirts than Quaker has oats.” He also had some advice about her jewelry. “You wear too many rings, too many bracelets, and too many necklaces, and it all takes away from the real you.”

He took her shopping at Kitsch Boutique (www. KitschBoutique.com), which carries beautiful and reasonably priced dresses, pants, tops and suits great for everyday wear or special occasions. David showed her how she could look stylish and unique, and still look age appropriate.

Next it was off to see our genius hairstylist Johnny Cupello (www.jcsalons.com). He had to persuade Vessela to give up the candy-floss hair colour. “I don’t want her to look like a child anymore.” He made her look funky and fun, but very mature, smart, and sophisticated.

Our make-up artist Korby Banner told her she had “amazing features, perfect skin and gorgeous eyes but you don’t see it with all that makeup.” He showed her how to liven up her faint eyebrows with blond eyebrow pencil and a little brown eye shadow to create a perfect but subtle frame for her gorgeous almond-shaped eyes. Our cosmetic dentists fitted her with nine upper and nine lower luminous Pro-art porcelain veneers that gave her 18 new reasons to smile (www.Pro-ArtDentalLab.com).

But the biggest change was still to come. Dennis knew Vessela was using her strings of jewelry and garish makeup as armour to shield herself from the world. Dennis challenged her to take it all off and go into her workplace to face her friends. Vessela broke down. “They’ll think I’m a scary, ugly, old woman.”

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