Tanks rolled in, jets flew overhead, and the bagpipes played in memory of the fallen and in honour of those present.

City council, Edmontonians, and army and navy members gathered in Churchill Square to honour the veterans of the Second World War during the 65th anniversary of the victory in Europe and the liberation of the Netherlands yesterday.

A pair of CF-18s flew over Churchill Square as the army and navy stood at attention, and a solemn prayer was said for victims and survivors of the war during the ceremony.

“Today is just a small token of our appreciation from the City of Edmonton and the citizens of Edmonton that thank you for all that you have done,” Mayor Stephen Mandel told the veterans. “We want to thank you so very much for allowing us to celebrate your marvelous accomplishments today, and to allow us to give you credit for the freedoms we have.”

Mandel also recognized the 100th anniversary of the navy this past Tuesday.

“I think there is no love any greater for one’s country than to lay down your life for that country,” said Iris Evans, MLA for Sherwood Park.

“And we have many Dutch families among us today who have been part of that, who may have stayed in concentration camps, who have suffered poverty, and we remember them as well.”

The ceremony concluded with the veterans receiving a specially commissioned civilian medallion.

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