Bob Blenkhorn didn’t even notice the mistake until he showed his friend, Alec V. Shipman, his Warriors’ Day Parade entrance pass.

“What do you see wrong with it, Bob?” Shipman asked.

Blenkhorn, a Second World War veteran, took a better look at the image printed on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds pass — a close-up shot of a row of war medals fastened to a military coat.

“Oh jeez,” Blenkhorn said. “It’s back to front.”

The military medals were in reverse order.

The dark blue, light blue and red-striped star medal from the Second World War is supposed to be closest to the heart and farthest from the left shoulder. All others should be flanked right, toward the shoulder.

CNE staff designed and printed the entrance passes for Warriors’ Day, an annual celebration of veterans and military victories that takes place at the CNE next month.

“This is a glaring error,” said Shipman, 72, who served in the reserves for 23 years. He volunteers every Wednesday morning at Sunnybrook Military Hospital.

Unfortunately, a veteran may have been at the root of the error.

CNE spokesperson Annette Borger said the image used for the passes was cut from a photograph of a veteran at a previous Warriors’ Day parade. She said the veteran may have unintentionally put the medals on in reverse.

“Our intent has always been to honour our nation’s veterans,” she said. “We will immediately change our website image. Unfortunately, the passes have been printed and mailed out.”