We have a Whirlpool Duet 4.5 cu. ft. front-loading washer and it sits on a Whirlpool manufactured stand.

The washer actually moves as it vibrates very badly on spin cycle. Do you have any suggestions for reducing the vibrations? – Catherine, Orleans, Ont.

Dear Catherine,

Although it is normal for the washing machine to vibrate somewhat during the spin cycle in particular, it sounds like yours is vibrating too much.

Firstly, was the machine installed correctly?


Secondly, even if the machine was installed correctly, might it have been moved at some point by a family member or tradesperson trying to make a repair? This would most likely throw off the original installation and calibration.

Another consideration is whether or not the floor that the machine sits on level.

Lastly, when you load your washing machine, do you evenly distribute the items within the drum?

Once you address the above items, the only remaining option is to call Whirlpool and ask them if they have any other thoughts.

They are likely to suggest an appointment to come to your home and re-balance the machine.

Please let us know what the outcome is and if and how the problem was solved. Good luck!

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