Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell star in Michael Mann’s remake of Miami Vice.


HOLDING BACK THE ’80s: Michael Mann’s upcoming big screen remake of his hit cop show, Miami Vice, will apparently hit the screen without Jan Hammer’s theme song, in either its original or updated form. Mann said the reason was simple enough, according to a Fox News story: He just didn’t want it.

The movie will feature a cover of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight by Miami rap/metal group Nonpoint, but no reprises of the TV show’s soundtrack high points, such as Glenn Frey’s You Belong To The City, Tina Turner’s Better Be Good To Me, or When The Rain Comes Down, by Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor. Market research showed that revisiting these songs evoked the feel of Member’s Only jackets and the sickly sweet smell of mousse in viewers over 35, followed by rage and self-immolation.

WOULD YOU JUMP OFF A BRIDGE? A U.S. Democratic congressman insists that he was in on the joke when Daily Show alumnus Stephen Colbert got him to say, “I enjoy cocaine because it’s a fun thing to do,” for the Colbert Report cameras.

According to a Fox News story, Congressman Robert Wexler, whose Florida district is uncontested in upcoming U.S. elections, was asked by Colbert to say a few things “that would really lose the election for you” if he had an opponent running against him. He obligingly finished a sentence that began “I enjoy cocaine because ... ” and “I enjoy the company of prostitutes for the following reasons ... ”

Wexler said he did the show at the insistence of young staffers, but that he had never seen The Colbert Report. His children, however, “thought I was foolish.”


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