Bringing his attackers to justice isn’t Darin Paquette’s motivation to recover from a paralyzing blow, friends said yesterday.

“I can’t believe how incredibly positive he is,” Grant Tarapacki said. “Imagine how you would feel going to a bar to hang with friends, then closing your eyes and waking up in a hospital bed not knowing what happened, unable to move.”

On the night of June 27, an event changed Paquette’s entire life.

Police say he was punched after an altercation with a group outside H20 Lounge at 10044-82 Ave. He toppled over a short retaining wall and broke his neck.

“Doctors basically told him he won’t be a functioning person ever again,” Tarapacki said, adding Paquette couldn’t remember the attack at all until two weeks ago.

The results of an operation and two months of rehabilitation have baffled Paquette’s friends and family.

“We’re amazed he’s gone this far in this little time, though it’s going to be a long, hard road to recovery,” Tarapacki said, adding Paquette has regained limited movement in his neck and upper torso.

Supporters have organized a charity event to help fund his rehabilitation.

Local groups Bonafide and the Heather McKenzie Band are taking the On the Rocks (11740 Jasper Ave.) stage on Sept. 13. The event includes a silent auction, 50/50 draw and door prizes. All proceeds will benefit Paquette’s recovery.

“Darin doesn’t care if they catch the guys or not — he just wants to get better and on with his life,” Tarapacki said.

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