The victim of a bizarre tragedy Wednesday night has been identified and police are warning motorists to be careful after what they call a “freak” accident that killed the 29-year-old woman.

Rehana Allidina was killed when she was pinned between her car and a post at the exit of a parkade in the 400 block of 9th Avenue SW and her 2007 Acura rolled forward. Police said the car wasn’t in park and Allidina was reaching down to pick up something she had dropped when the tragedy occurred.

“It’s kind of an anomaly, it’s a weird case ... It’s a reminder that you put a vehicle into park before you continue on — it’s very important,” traffic Staff Sgt. Graeme Ramsay said.

The woman was pronounced dead on scene because of the impact on her upper body, but EMS spokesperson Adam Loria said paramedics jumped into the car to try to revive her on scene.

“Given the freakish nature of (the accident) ... the simple act of dropping something and reaching for it ... it’s tough on all of us,” Loria said, adding responding crews were given the rest of the night off to deal with the situation.

“It is very traumatic to be in a small vehicle with a patient.”

Police are reviewing surveillance tapes and seeing if mechanical failure was a factor.

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