Lesley Miller took the stand for the fifth gut-wrenching time yesterday, reliving the day her husband Dougald was rendered a prisoner in his own body.

The dangerous offender hearing for Leo Teskey, the man who beat Dougald into a semi-vegetative state, continued yesterday, despite a request by the defence that it be halted.

Since November 2008, when Dougald was savagely beaten in the apartment building the couple owned and managed, his health has steadily declined. His serious brain injury has left him unable to speak or move, his wife said yesterday.

Doctors have told Miller, who is constantly by her husband’s side, that she might consider halting treatment and letting his health regress naturally.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if he dies,” she said yesterday.

On Wednesday, Judge Eric Peterson denied the argument that Teskey’s case be tossed out because the lengthy interminable process violated his charter rights.

After Teskey’s second conviction for the brutal attack, the crown reapplied for dangerous offender status.

The hearing is expected to wrap up the last week of February.

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