Darcy Allan Sheppard was a father of four, a would-be stand-up comedian and a popular bicycle courier who fathered four children.

He was also an alcoholic who had struggled with substance abuse and other issues since his troubled youth, friends and family members said yesterday.

Sheppard, 33, was born into a low-income Métis family in Alberta, the eldest of Diane Touran­geau’s eight children. Tourangeau was an alcoholic herself, unable to care for him, and children’s services removed him from her household.

“We probably had one of the hardest lives growing up,” brother Dave Sheppard, 31, said from the Stony Mountain prison near Winnipeg.

“A lot of foster homes. Broken-down families.”

A good man but “troubled spirit,” said roommate Jordana Maxwell, he variously battled his drinking problem, drug addiction and other troubles.

Bike couriers knew him as nonconformist, kind and welcoming but also a talented wiseacre.

Friends delighted in ribbing him over his several failed open-mic appearances at comedy clubs.