Autopsies set timeline, but clues still sought

The victims of a triple homicide were killed about 24 hours before their bodies were found on Saturday, Ottawa Police revealed yesterday.

At a press conference held yesterday, city police said the three victims were found in unit 1002 of a luxury condominium at 1510 Riverside Dr. at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, but autopsies later indicated that the deaths occurred between 9 a.m. and noon the day before.

Police for the first time yesterday confirmed the identities of the victims as 77-year-old former tax court judge Alban Garon, his wife Raymonde, 73, and the couple’s friend and neighbour, Marie-Claire Beniskos, 78.


Police are not releasing the cause of death, however, “in order to protect the integrity of this case,” said Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant Monique Perras. Nor would she say if their investigation indicates whether or not the incident was random.

Police are now asking condo residents to reflect on the Wednesday and Thursday before the deaths, and to report any activity that may be considered suspicious or out of the ordinary.

“We’re asking people to put their mind back a day or a day and a half,” said Perras.

Police are also seeking information about “suspicious vehicles” that may have been seen in the area on those dates.

Police wouldn’t confirm if video security tapes had been seized but Perras said “if there are tapes … police would have seized and reviewed them.”

There’s no description of a suspect to provide so every bit of public information counts, Perras said.

Investigators will remain on site until they feel they’ve gathered all the available information.

“They will, in fact, explore every avenue in order to solve the crime,” Perras said. “We do not leave any rock unturned.”

be wary in your condo

  • Residents of the condo are being asked to be vigilant and take precautions. “If you’re in your apartment, lock the door,” Perras said.

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