A pair of Victoria men who got lucky on their way to Las Vegas collected their $1-million Lotto Max prize on Thursday.

The cousins, Travis Fritz and Kurt Jankowski, were headed to Vancouver International Airport to board a flight for Sin City when they decided to stop at the River Rock Casino Resort.

The men, both aged 22, bought a Lotto Max ticket for the $50-million jackpot and 27 additional $1-million prizes.

While no one won the grand prize, the duo were one of three B.C. ticket holders to win $1 million. No one won the top prize for the second consecutive week.

“We figured if we lost all our money in Vegas we could return home and still have a chance to win big,” said Jankowski, a student.

“We came back empty so our back-up plan definitely paid off,” said Fritz, who works as a catering attendant.

He refused to believe they had won when Jankowski called him after checking the ticket in Victoria. “Travis hung up on me twice,” he said. “I finally had to go over to his place and show him the ticket before he would believe me! Now we’re looking at investments.”

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