A 2-year-old girl teamed up with her photographer dad to create a special birthday message for her mom.


"Hi, Mommy! I just wanted to say, 'Happy Birthday,'" Claire exclaims in the video that is winning over YouTube.


"Usually my wife’s birthday is a pretty big deal so I try to do something new," Dan Konkel, 28, of Bridgewater, N.J., told ABC News.


In the video, Claire outlines some of the many reasons why she loves her mom: that she is beautiful, amazing, the best mommy ever and the best cook.


But the most heartwarming part is when the toddler suddenly gets emotional talking about how hard her mom works.


"You work so hard ... and I miss you when you're gone," she says on the verge of tears.

Konkel said he and Claire had a 40-minute conversation which he expertly edited down to a minute-and-a-half video.

His wife, Stacey, thought it was the best gift ever.