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VIDEO: 3-year-old girl donates her hair to charity

A 3-year-old girl is winning hearts everywhere after she cut off her long hair and donated it to children with cancer.

"Sometimes kids get sick and their hair falls out. That's really, really sad," Emily James says in the video. "I want to give them my hair, because I have more and more hair."

Emily is a typical 3-year-old princess, her mother wrote in the video description. Her parents sat down with her and suggested she donate her hair. They looked at pictures with kids with no hair, pictures of wigs and pictures of shorter hairstyles. Emily decided she still wanted to make the donation as long as "Uncle Matthew" cut her dolly's hair first.

The heartwarming video shows "Dolly" and Emily getting their hair cut and then sporting some cute bobs.


"Wow, me and my dolly look so pretty," she says after the haircut. The video ends with Emily putting her hair into a decorated envelope.

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