Charles Bothuell IV’s 12-year-old son, Charles “Charlie” Bothuell, went messing on June 14th after he walked out of the family’s Detroit townhouse.

Host Nancy Grace awkwardly breaks the news to Bothuell that his missing son was found alive on live TV, and his reaction is interesting to say the least. Grace seems skeptical about the validity of Bothuell's story; “Did you check the basement?“, “Did you check your cell phone?” and “You’re telling us you and your wife searched the basement?”

But Bothuell sticks to his guns, and says the FBI searched his basement, and that they've been tormented with concern since the teen disappeared earlier this month.


Local 4 Detroit says that Charlie was found barricaded behind boxes and a five-gallon drum in the basement. They don’t think he barricaded himself. Detroit Police Chief James Craig told reporters that the teen looked happy to see police, and they’re not ruling out the possibility that his parents knew he was well and hiding in the basement the whole time.

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