Every now and then a video pops up online that warms our heart. It usually involves French bulldogs and Coldplay songs, but this time it's different.

While videos of people meeting at airports always bring a tear to our eyes, this video is of a couple meeting for the first time. They met online while playing Halo five years ago. They then built a relationship online through Facebook and Skype. The video below captures the first time they meet in person. EVER.

"We built a relationship as best friends for 3 years," the young woman known only by her screen name, Cadynow, wrote in the YouTube caption. "Once we talked 'face-to-face' we hit it off as a couple from then on."

When the couple finally decided to meet in person, the man traveled to Cadynow's hometown of Texas.


According to the reports the couple is now engaged and planning a wedding.

Listen, we're not always hopeless romantics who swoon at cute videos. This one makes us wonder, though, should we be playing more video games?

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