For the months he has been in space, Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield has earned a substantial following with his videos and tweets.

And, as he prepares to return to earth after his five-month mission, Hadfield has recorded his own version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity."

Hadfield has gathered more than 750,000 followers on Twitter, and David Bowie himself tweeted: "CHRIS HADFIELD SINGS SPACE ODDITY IN SPACE! Hallo Spaceboy...”

During his mission, Hadfield made videos showing how water turned into a tube in zero gravity when it was wrung from a towel, and how astronauts' tears turn in to a huge ball of water if they keep crying.


As his last day aboard the International Space Station approached, Hadfield tweeted: "Almost time to leave Station. Hard to express all of my emotions, but mostly gratitude. I came here on behalf of so many people — thank you."

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