A California trash collector recently surprised a 5-year-old autistic boy with a toy truck, and his act of kindness has gone viral.

Daniel Mulligan is fascinated by garbage trucks and always waits for them outside his house on Monday mornings, Robin Newberger, the boy's mom, told ABC News.

In this video, Mulligan runs towards the truck that has come to his house. It seems like any other Monday until the truck's driver, Manuel Sanchez, asks Newberger if he can give the boy a gift.

He climbs down from the truck, walks over to Mulligan and hands him a bag with a toy garbage truck inside.


Mulligan is speechless while his mom excitedly tells Sanchez that her son had a similar truck but that it had broken.

"That is so sweet! Thank you so much!" she says.

Sanchez’s employer, E.J. Harrison and Sons, recognized his kind deed with a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

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