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VIDEO: Band turns "DuckTales" theme song into smooth R&B jam

This is the only remix to "DuckTales" you ever have to listen to.

What would happen if the theme music to one of your favorite cartoons was performed as a sexy, smooth R&B jam?

Scott Bradlee, a member of Post Modern Jukebox,has an interesting side project called Saturday Morning Slow Jams, in which his band creates R&B renditions of their favorite cartoon theme songs from the 1980s and '90s.

In this clip, the band performs the opening song of "DuckTales," one of other most popular (and catchy) cartoon themes of all time. Watch and listen to the band transform the classic tune into a sultry R&B song.


Singer Karen Marie infuses the lyrics of the cartoon song with a soulful sound similar to Jill Scott, whilethe band appears to enjoy every second of it, especially the electronic flute player.

If this rendition doesn't pique your interest, or just makes you want to revisit the original theme song, we've got you covered. Relive your childhood by listening to the original "DuckTales" theme song below.

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