"Woman interrupted during BBC interview"Jono and Ben

Working moms are basically superheroes. What makes them even more super than Superman though is they don’t need a costume or theme song to spring into action.


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New Zealand comedy duo Jono and Ben created a send-up of this week’s feel-good viral hit, the BBC Dad whose very serious on-air Skype interview was interrupted when his toddler and baby barged in. This is, of course, normal life for BBC Mom, who doesn’t stop the interview to give her toddler a bottle, distract her baby with a toy, and even get some ironing and cleaning done. It’s just life, and she’s got it handled.


The real hero of the original BBC Dad video was, naturally, his wife Jung-A Kim, who ran in looking like her pants weren’t entirely on (likely because moms can never EVER go to the bathroom alone without disaster striking) and managed to corral the kids. Jono and Ben know what’s up.