You're strolling through a British park on an unseasonably pleasant day when you stop to film an idyllic scene of deer enjoying nature's bounty.


Suddenly, a far off voice shatters the scene.


"Benton! Benton! Bentoooooooon!"


The deer scatter and some poor soul sets off in a futile pursuit of his wayward dog, who clearly has no idea how to handle himself around deer.


Fearlessly, knowing that you have stumbled across some potential comic gold, you film just as silently as you were when not startling the deer was your top priority, only allowing yourself a slight chuckle at the end.


Knowing that few things are as funny as a stranger's minor encounter with misfortune, especially when served up with a side of mild blasphemy, you go home and upload this puppy to the Internet.

Naturally, the Internet acknowledges your efforts by unleashing the mashups and Bob's your uncle.

We were warned this whole dinosaur thing could lead to chaos.

Just in case Disney ever runs out of ways to kill off its characters' parents.

Lock up any herd animals you may be keeping as pets. We're not even safe from Benton in our own homes.

Press X to Benton.

This one falters a bit, but it is The Wicker Man, so it must be included. Although, Benton does start with a B.