When Los Angeles entertainment reporter Madison Brooks attempts to report live from Hollywood Boulevard to interview fans of "Breaking Bad," a special guest interrupts her live broadcast.

In this very strange (possibly fake) video, a man dressed in costume as Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" makes the creepiest videobomber ever. You first notice him appear in the frame just to the right. Then, Captain Jack sneaks up behind the reporter and sniffs her hair. The reporter is in complete shock. He then says, "Hey what's your name, who are you?"

Captain Jack was interested in learning more about this reporters hair care products. Is that Pantine?  Credit: YouTube This is not polite videobombing.
Credit: YouTube


Captain Jack was pulled away from the reporter by someone standing just outside of the shot.

After the terrifying moment was over, Brooks, shaken up but professional, ends her segment by saying, "This is Madison Brooks reporting live from Hollywood Boulevard, back to you."

The way this video unfolds makes you wonder if it could possibly be a stunt or a prank. We wouldn't be surprised if it was fake –they are, after all, in Hollywood.