VIDEO: Cast of 'The Lion King' Australia sings 'Circle of Life' during flight to Sydney

Flashmob style.

When you're on the tarmac waiting for your flight to take off, you're usually stuck sitting next to the person trying to talk your ear off, or someone who's snoring so loud that you can't focus on anything. What would happen if you discovered you were sitting next to members of a Broadway musical?


During a flight from Brisbane to Sidney, the cast of the Australian production of "The Lion King" was so happy to hear the announcement of a second season, the cast members bursted into song by singing "Circle of Life" prior to take off.


As passengers boarded the Virgin Australia flight, they were greeted by the powerful voices of the case members.Of course this could all be a publicity stunt for Virgin Airlines or Disney, but it's still fun to watch the reactions of the passengers as they boarded the plane.


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