Cats can be very picky animals. One minute they are extremely affectionate and want to be all over you, and the next minute they want to be left alone. This particular cat appears to be extremely affectionate

YouTube user Tricia Carr uploaded a video of their black and white cat Franzie who really enjoys giving hugs. As soon as the man in the video bends down and reaches for Franzie, the cute feline extends its front legs to let the man know it wants to be lifted in the air for a hug.

Apparently the cute cat can do many things. “Franzie has tricks, this is one of them,”YouTube user Tricia Carr wrote in the video’s description.


This short clip was posted on May 4 and has gone viral with close to 2 million page views.

If Franzie the cat has any more tricks in his reportoire, we’re sure he will become an Internet star.

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