A Pittsburgh doctor runs his medical practice on sidewalks, streets and under bridges five nights a week, tending to the city's homeless population.

"Unless you've walked in somebody else's shoes, you don't know what led them to have that life," Jim Withers, of Operation Safety Net, says in a new video by Nation Swell.

Withers and his friend Mike Sallows dress up as homeless people, pack up food and medical supplies, and then head out to the streets.

In the four-minute video, Withers shares his experiences of treating homeless people, including the story of a 85-year-old man who would get maggots in his legs.


"We would have to stretch ourselves, and care enough to stretch ourselves into their world, into their reality," Withers says. "To me, that's a whole new frontier for rediscovering for how health care should be delivered."

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