In case you needed any more proof that dolphins are among the world's most intelligent creatures, here's an incredible video that shows one "asking" a scuba diver for help.

The diver was looking for manta rays in January 2013 in Garden Eel Cove in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He and the other divers were surrounded by huge manta rays when suddenly, a bottlenose dolphin approached him.

In the video, it appears that the dolphin is showing one of the divers its left pectoral fin, floating next to the diver and turning its body over to show the inside of its fin. When the diver realizes that there is fishing line tangled in it, he motions for the dolphin to come over, and it immediately obeys.


The dolphin hovers near the diver as he removes the line from its fin, even using scissors to take out pieces of the line. The dolphin waits patiently until the man gets almost everything out. Finally, when the diver cannot remove any more of the wire, the dolphin swims away. It's an amazing moment that shows how stunning animal-human interaction can be.

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