YouTube user Ronak Kallianpur shared a hilarious, yet sad, yet impressive, yet unsettling video of a drunk, shirtless man getting the hose, and taking it like a champ.



"My neighbor was drunk, annoying, and on my property. So I hosed him," said Kallianpur.


The neighbor appears unfazed by a lengthy blast of hose water to his face, torso and crotch - the latter protected only by his flannel pajama bottoms.


When the neighbors doesn't even flinch, Kallianpur tells him, "That's really f-cking weird looking man. Does that feel good?"

After about a minute, the irritated homeowner tells the man to get off of his property, and drops the classic line, "Go home, you're drunk!" [response: "Of course I'm drunk."] before the subject wanders off.

Shirtless drunk man got in a zinger first though. When Kallianpurtells him to get out of his yard, the man quips back, "Don’t you mean your mom’s yard?"

Maybe that blast of cold water knocked some sober wits back into him?

The video, which contains expletives, can also be seen on above, or onYouTube.

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