Not even Niall Horan's fractured foot can drag down One Direction or its mission to save Planet Earth.

The no-longer-boy banders, who recently said they'll be going on hiatus next year, are pressing ahead with their 1D/Action campaign in which they have fans from around the globe send video messages entitled, "Dear World Leaders."


The "Drag Me Down" foursome have released a video to inspire their loyal minions.

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Flashing from fan to fan, the collective message in the video is this: " I want to live in a world where people get medication, where I’m not just seen as the black girl, where human rights are respected such as women’s rights, gay rights, and the last slice of Pizza rights."

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the fans’ response to action/1D. They continue to amaze us with their passion and dedication, and this film goes to show how engaged they are in the issues that affect them," Harry Styles say in the clip.

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"It’s been inspiring to see and hear what matter to them and the world they want to live in."

Horan, who recently fractured his foot, said: “We’ve had fans from all over the world tell us what matters to them, from equal rights for all to the eradication of poverty. I really hope world leaders take notice of what we and our fans are saying. Hillary Clinton tweeted us her support of action/1D last month – I’m hoping President Obama watches it next."

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The band is wrapping up its summer tour and preparing to release its fifth studio album.

Horan was first seen wearing a cast Saturday in Montreal -- and the 21-year-old insisted he has no idea how it happened.

''I woke up before the show the other day and I had a pain in my foot. Then I went to get an X-ray today and I've got a fractured right foot and I don't know how," he said.

Horan had knee surgery earlier this year and in July joked about his recovery on Instagram: "First time I've been able to touch my ass with my heel since I got the operation. Sounds so dumb, but it's a big day in my head."


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