Busboys have to move exceptionally fast to handle the large amount of customers, but this guy's speed is extraordinary.

A candid video emerges on YouTube featuring a busboy cleaning and setting tables with mind-blowing speed. The video was captured by YouTube user Josh Jordan while he was dining at Red Robin when he spotted the busboy moving at blazing speeds. He also apologizes for shooting the vertical video, as he claims he was trying to be discrete.

The busboy appears to be in a rhythm as he moves and bops around while preparing his table.


Many people commented on the videos suspect they are fake and are sped up to make them appear real. The clips almost look like scenes from old Keystone Cops films.

Pay close attention to the people in the frame and watch the television in the background to determine if these videos are real or not.

If these videos are legit, this restaurant worker might be the fastest busboy in the world. If they're fake, then kudos to Mr. Jordan for his slick editing skills.

Check out the other videos below. What do you think?

Pay close attention to the group of people in the corner

The television and people in background

This guy loves his job

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