A California girl scout is at the center of controversy after appearing in a YouTube video, asking people to boycott Girl Scout Cookies in response to a transgender girl scout who was accepted into a Colorado troop.

In the video, the 14-year-old girl, who has been identified as "Taylor," addresses the organization's decision to allow 7-year-old Bobby Montoya, a boy who identifies as a girl, become a girl scout.

"Right now, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A...is not being honest with us girls, its troops, its leaders, its parents or the American public," Taylor says in the clip.

"Girl Scouts describes itself as an all-girl experience. With that label, families trust that the girls will be in an environment that is not only nurturing and sensitive to girls' needs, but also safe for girls," she goes on to say.


In the five minute video, Taylor voices concern over the possibility of sharing a tent with an 18-year-old transgender scout.

"The real question is, why is GSUSA willing to break their own safety rules and go against its own research institute findings to accommodate transgender boys?" she asks. "Unfortunately, I think it is because GSUSA cares more about promoting the desires of a small handful of people than it does for my safety and the safety of my friends and sister Girl Scouts, and they are doing it with money we earned for them from Girl Scout cookies."

Taylor asks the public to boycott the organization's famed Girl Scout Cookies in an effort to push the Girl Scouts back to "building girls of good character."

Bobby Montoya's mother spoke out about the decision to allow her child to become a girl scout in October, saying she believes Bobby was born in the wrong body.

"I thought Bobby would grow out of it," Felisha Archuleta told ABC. "For birthdays, he
asked for ponies. He had a princess birthday, and last year when he
turned seven, he had a Rapunzel birthday. I have just basically supported

Taylor's video, which she reportedly made with her parents' help, quickly came under fire from LGBT groups and supporters, and has since been made private on YouTube. Other users have uploaded it and you can see a copy of the video below.

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