In a matter of 24 hours, the Greek people took a giant step in the wrong direction.

Greece has been in shambles for years now. The country's financial woes are nothing new.

Even so, you'd expect the country that prides itself on inventing democracy to make more sound decisions on election day.

The May 6 elections gave the Greek people a chance to voice their opinion on the austerity measures and the European bailout.


Let's just say that Greeks are not happy, and they expressed it with their ballots.

Here's the breakdown:

New Democracy, the conservative party, won the majority of the votes with 18.9%

PASOK, the socialist party that was in power the past several years when the spotlight was on Greece's troubles came in third with 13% of votes, after SYRIZA, a coalition of the radical left, with 16.7% of votes.

The surprise came with the hard-right, fascist party "Golden Dawn."

After the elections, Nikos Michaloliakos, the leader of "Golden Dawn" delivered a rousing speech, which you may be forgiven for finding incredibly frightening.

Watch the video below and ask yourself, 'Why would the people grant this man access to Greek Parliament?"

We don't have the answer, either.

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