Google has a new san serif logo.


They like you. They really like you! Google's new san serif logo is getting good Alphabet grades from Netizens -- and a healthy dose of snark.

Among our favorites was one that noted how much the company’ products have become part of so many people's lives, even the Apple deadenders.

"Google's new logo looks less threatening, which probably means they're getting ready to do something more threatening," tweeted author Ben Greenman.

The company revealed the new logo Tuesday with an illustration on tts search engine page that has an animated hand erase the old and draw the new.


The compact version of the logo, used to identify most of its apps, is an uppercase "G" colored in blue, red, yellow and green.

The new brand identity "aims to make Google more accessible and useful to our users", the company said in a blog post.

The new logo comes three weeks after Google created a holding company called Alphabet to pool its many subsidiaries and separate the core web advertising business from newer ventures like driverless cars.

There are some things the tech giant may not be able to do, however.

"Can the hand that erases the old @google logo do the same for my memory of sending some unsavory drunken texts?" asked @KateTheWasp.

Sorry, Kate.

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