Sometimes dancing brings out the best in people. Other times, somebody will get punched in the face for no apparent reason.

During a live music festival, a man gets punched in the face while people were slam dancing in a circle to dubstep music and surrounded by a bunch of people.

The entire incident happened very fast. When the festival goers were all bopping around and dancing into each other, a man emerges into the frame of the camera and connects with a heavy left-handed punch, sending the man to the ground.


dubstep, girl, music, festival, punched, shocking video, sneak attack, mouth open Credit: Liveleak

Before this short clip ends, a woman standing in front drops her jaw in surprise as soon as the victim hits the ground.

It's unclear as to why the guy was punched in his face, but we're hoping he's alright.

Poor fellow, he didn’t see that one coming at all.

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