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VIDEO: Healthcare worker Nina Pham speaks from Texas hospital room

Nina Pham wanted to share a message with everyone.

nina pham ebola nurse

Nina Pham, the very first healthcare worker fromTexas Health Presbyterian Hospital diagnosed with the Ebola virus was transferred to theNational Institute of Health’s Clinical Center in Maryland early Thursday morning.

Before she departed, the medical center released a video showing the 26 year-old nurse laying in her bed inside an isolation unit.


The chilling footage shows Pham laying in bed while a medical staff member wearing HAZMAT gear stands nearby. The video was recorded by hertreating physician, Dr. Gary Weinstein just before she was discharged from the hospital. During the short clip, Dr. Weinstein thanks her for all her efforts in taking care ofThomas Eric Duncan, the first person in the United States to die from the deadly decease.

Pham wanted to share a few words with everyone and asked the hospital to post the video for the world to see.

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