Watch this heroic cat rescue little boy from being mauled by a vicious dog.

While the young child and his mother were playing in the front yard and watering their plants, a neighbors dog was let loose from the backyard next door by accident and spotted the boy on his bike.


The ferocious mutt ran over to the boy from the yard next door and attacked him from behind. It clamped onto his leg and dragged the child off his bike like a ragdoll.

The family’s pet cat spotted what was going on and sprung into action. The cat ran out to the scene and lunged at the dog and scared him away.

This crazy video was uploaded to the viral video site “LiveLeak” early today and has already received over 40 thousand views. The user’s name is “Super Cat” - which seems to be a fitting name for a cat that saved a boy from being severely injured by a dog.

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