The cheap $5 tickets to Banksy’s Dismaland are a hot commodity —even more so because the “bemusement” park’s website keeps crashing,


“Your e-tickets will be emailed to you shortly. Please do not panic,” the artist’s site tweeted Thursday morning. “Remain calm and prepare for your #DismalExperience.”


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Internet chatter that the continued outages are part of the show persist —everything is part of the show at the twisted theme park on England’s Bristol Coast —despite repeated denials.


A spokeswoman blamed the difficulties on incredible demand, reports the BBC.


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The Bristol Post reported that at one point six million people were coming to the site every minute.

It’s curious that despite the stunning clamor for tickets to the show, Banksy has released a promotional video.

It’s mindblowing.

“So what are you waiting for?” the video’s narrator says at the end.

I’ll tell you: For the damn website to work!

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