Israeli politician Anastassia Michaeli is hot water after giving her colleague a cold bath following a heated argument.

Michaeli, a member of Yisrael Beiteinu, was engaged in a feisty back and forth with Labor Member Raleb Majadele over the Israeli government's rebuke of an Arab-Israeli principal who brought his pupils to a Tel Aviv human rights march in December.

According to Haaretz, the bickering broke out after a Likud member called for retrenchment of the principal.

"You are marching against the state," Michaeli shouted at Majadele, who then told her to "shut up" before going on to say "She won't shut me up. This is not Yisrael Beiteinu. The issue of fascism won't stop here. I intend on taking this debate to other Muslims who serve as an example for the State of Israel…fascism will not be allot to take over the house."


Michaeli then said "It is disrespectful to the status of women in the Knesset," adding she planned on bringing the matter up with the Knesset ethics committee.

As the argument began to simmer, Michaeli gathered up her things and appeared to be leaving the room when she approached Majadele, poured a glass of water she then dumped on him before leaving the room.

Majadele then told the committee chair, "That says it all. I'm sure you wouldn't condone such wild and fascist behaviour" and said the ethic committee would hear about the "predictable" outburst from Michaeli.

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