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VIDEO: Koreans face off in epic ugly chin battle

Watch and be amazed by this Korean ugly chin contest.

You might have seen this viral video of a beautiful Korean woman demonstrating the importance of angles as she shows a hideous and hilarious moving selfie from the chin up.

These two Korean men take it a step further in this video chat from last year that was unearthed on Reddit today. First of all, the two men definitely have a lot more to work with than the aforementioned woman in terms of chin and neck mass and you won't be able to stop laughing when you see the first guy strike a very ugly pose.

His rival curses him off and wonders if he can stack up - trust us, he can. Let's just say the second man definitely chin-upped him and you won't believe that you're looking at a human being and not a cartoon character, or a blob fish for that matter. Watch and be amazed.

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