One person is in a coma and eight are hospitalized after a pool party prank in Mexico goes horribly wrong.


Alcoholic drink company Jägermeister hosted the party, which took a turn for the worst when four bottles of nitrogen were intentionally poured directly into the pool, creating a noxious cloud that knocked guests unconscious.


“They realized that I had fainted because they saw the tray floating alone in the pool,” Jael Jimenez, a hostess at the party, told “Otherwise, I might have drowned.”


Once bystanders realized those in the pool were ill, they jumped in to save them.


A video posted to YouTube shows the mayhem; people can be heard coughing and choking as party goers scramble to help the victims. All the while, techno music plays in the background and strobe lights continue flashing.


It was unclear why the nitrogen was poured into the pool.

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