VIDEO: Man makes it snow to get kisses in Christmas prank

If it magically snowed in a place where it never snows, would you kiss someone you hardly know?



Most people would, according to the latest prank video from Stuart Edge.


Last year, Edge decided to test the mistletoe tradition. He had his friends lower mistletoe over him and his interviewees, and then asked them if they would kiss him. That video went viral, with more than 24 million hits on YouTube.


Edge decided to create Mistletoe Part 2 this year, but wanted to step up his game. This time, he traveled to Tempe, Ariz., where it never snows, and asked strangers if they would kiss him if it started snowing.

Just as they said yes, it magically started snowing.

OK, there was a snow machine, but it looked real enough. Do you think he topped last year's prank?

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