One Canadian motorcyclist took a joy ride through the mall during a dramatic police chase last month.

Royal Canadian Mounted police tried to stop the motorcyclist for driving dangerously on the highway, but the biker continued to drive. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police released footage of the chase, which shows the man drive right into a mall in Surrey, Canada, reports the Telegraph.

A police officer watching aerial footage says to his collegue, "He's drove his motorcycle right up to the glass, to the Walmart ... Go into the glass pyramid; he drove his motorcycle right in there. "

Later, police say over the tape to each other, "So he drived through Walmart on a motorbike?" and another answers, "Yes!" The first responds, "Wow."


The video shows the man riding his motorcycle down an escalator and through automatic doors in the mall, scaring shoppers at the Guildford Town Centre. The suspect is still at large.

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