A screen shot of the mysterious video


A strange, cryptic video has surfaced on the Internet that has thrown people worldwide into a state of confusion and fear as they attempt to decipher its hidden meaning, the International Business Times reported, adding that the sinister video arrived on a CD to a gadget blog, and when it was shared online, code-breakers began unraveling more creepy clues.

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The video focuses on a figure standing in a warehouse dressed as a plague doctor with a blinking light emitting from his palm, the IB Times claimed. As the film proceeds, symbols flash around the figure and startling audio plays in the background, which some reported sounding like "I would love to kill you" being repeated over and over, the article stated.

An embed of the video is here, but be warned that the content may be graphic and disturbing.


The CD’s recipient, bloggerJohny Krahbichler of Gadgetzz, was quoted in a related Washington Post report on the video: “I was unsure what to think of it, but I found it very odd. I later reexamined it and started noticing the ‘codes’ and letters hidden all around the video. That’s when I realized it’s some sort of puzzle,” he said in anemail to the Post.

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A Reddit thread shows the results of users running the audio through a spectrogram – something that shows a visual image to the frequencies – and they discovered hidden messages and shocking scenes involving a woman apparently being tortured, according to the IB Times report.

If the video is a marketing scheme then whoever is behind it will probably have to explain, according to the Washington Post, why it incorporates several disturbing images of what appear to be the brutal torture and the deaths of multiple women.

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