Like Sarah Palin's Saturday Night Live appearance, or Rick Perry's recent cameo on David Letterman, offering the top ten excuses for his debate blunder, sometimes the best way to respond to public backlash is to mock yourself openly.


It certainly won't hurt if you also happen to have a brand new album for sale.


Such is the case for Nickelback, who responded publicly this week to the public outcry against their upcoming halftime performance slated for The Detroit Lions game against the Green Bay Packers.


More than 55,000 people signed an online petition over the past several weeks, criticizing the choice and asking for the band to be replaced.


Nickelback came back with a video on the satire website Funny or Die this week, poking fun at themselves by holding a brainstorm session with their record label on "why Detroit hates Nickelback."


("It can't be the hair... could it be because you guys are Canadian?" the company asks.)

Whatever the reason, the attention hasn't hurt the group, whose latest album Here and Now was released Monday and who will not only perform at the Detroit Lions game this week but are also on the bill for Sunday's Grey Cup game in Vancouver.